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How to start Website Speed Optimization Request?

Just follow 3 steps rule and we are all good to fix your website!

1. Contact Us

Contact us using the support form and explain your issues in detail.

2. Our Review

We will review your support request creating a support ticket.

3. Fix the Issue

Our expert team will start fixing the issues and we will keep you updated.

What do we do? How Does it works?

We will scan your website, check for all issues degrading performance of website.

Image Optimization

After scanning your website, we start WordPress Speed Optimization process by compressing the images and reducing their size without compromising the quality.

Database Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization process involves testing of your database size and its tables. We check tables, remove garbage and optimize database size.

Plugins Filteration

After Database optimization we start filtering out which plugins are making most requests and what function do they have in the website, if the plugins are installed only as dependancy, we make its priority low.

Requests Testing

Once we have performed our intensive WordPress Speed Optimization process, we start monitoring requests being made to database and then try to combine and make the number of requests low.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization

We are available 24/7 to provide you excellent WordPress Website Speed Optimization service. Our staff is highly trained and we can easily handle any kind of WordPress website.

Why Us? What makes us best?

Is your WordPress website loading really slow and you are losing sales and your daily traffic? You are losing your Search Engine Rankings due to your slow website. No Worries, we are expert in fixing such issues and our experts know which areas they need to work on to perform proper updates and resolve the certain speed issues. We care for your website as a Doctor cares for his patient!

Website Optimizations according to insights


Complete WordPress Website Scan


Protection from Bruteforce attacks


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If you are looking for a Reliable wordpress speed up site you can speed up your WordPress website by using our WordPress Speed Optimization services. We guarantee you that we will Boost your WordPress Site Speed since we are providing Best WordPress speed service in the Market.

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Got Questions? Check FAQ’s or Contact us via live chat

How long does it usually takes to optimize a website?

It usually takes 2-6 hours to optimize a website in full and it also depends upon the size of website.

Which tools do you use to analyze website speed?

We use Google Page Speed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools to analyze different areas of speed issues in website.

Do you provide any report of before and after?

Yes, we provide a complete report of how much time website was taking to load before optimization and after optimization.

Why does a website gets slow and needs optimization?

Websites are like cars, you have to maintain them for keeping them functioning properly. Website Speed Optimization is a process in which its overall condition is analyzed then repairing is performed to necessary areas.

Do you use any cache plugin?

Yes, once we have performed all steps for WordPress website speed optimization, we install licensed version of WP-Rocket, which comes with 1 Year updates.

How much does it costs?

We charge you $80 only for WordPress website speed optimization.

What information is required to optimize a website?

Usually we need both WordPress admin, FTP and Hosting details in order to to make sure everything goes smooth and website is secured properly after removing issues.

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