WordPress Website Hacked or Infected with Malware?

We can fix your website with ZERO Delay

We fix hacked/infected websites only at $90. ( No Hidden Charges )

We will fix your malware issue or 100% money back!

We will fix your website and you won’t have malware or hacked site again. Our Malware removal service comes with 90 Days Protection!

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How to start Malware Removal Request?

Just follow 3 steps rule and we are all good to fix your website!

1. Contact Us

Contact us using the support form and explain your issues in detail.

2. Our Review

We will review your support request creating a support ticket.

3. Fix the Issue

Our expert team will start fixing the issues and we will keep you updated.

What do we do? How Does it works?

We will scan your website, remove the malware injected to bring it online right away.

Website In-Depth Scanning

After bringing your website online from the dark, we start scanning your WordPress Website infected with malware and remove all traces of hacks from hosting.

Website Permissions Check

Once the In-Depth scanning is done, we manually check all files and directories for permissions and see which files are vulnerable to malware and fix the file permissions.

Increased Website Security

Once we are done with our Malware Removal process, we make the security of the website stronger so that in future hacking, brute force attack, xmlrpc, pharma attack, and other malicious attacks can be prevented.

Penetration test and Status

After hardening the security of the website, we will perform our specialized penetration test with the best tools available in Linux system and update you with a report.

WordPress Website Malware Removal

We understand Malware in a website can be a disaster, our experts are available 24/7 to Fix Your Hacked WordPress Website in $90 only!

Why Us? What makes us best?

Is your WordPress website infected with Malware and your visitors are decreasing at a rapid rate or facing RED Warning when visiting the website? No Worries, we can fix malware issue on your WordPress website and we will also protect it from getting hacked or infected. We provide free service if you face the issue or have malware again within 90 days on WordPress Malware Removal service!

Complete WordPress Website Scan


Protection from Bruteforce attacks


Complete clearance from Google


No more auto popping websites


No more warnings in browser


Wonderful user experience


Looking for WordPress Malware Removal Service, if yes than we can remove malware form WordPress because we Provide 100% WordPress Malware Fix. So Get your WordPress Malware Cleanup today

Got Questions? Check FAQ’s or Contact us via live chat

How long does it usually takes to fix a website?

We usually bring the website back to life within an hour of service requested. In this one hour, we forcibly remove malware and our foremost priority is to bring website online back without annoying popups and random ads being shown.

Once the website is back normally, we clean it up and harden its security which may take around 3-4 hours and if a website is blacklisted by Google or Norton, it can take up to 3 days for that blacklist to be gone totally.


What information is required to fix a website?

Usually we need both WordPress admin and Hosting details in order to to make sure everything goes smooth and website is secured properly after removing issues.

How much does it costs?

We charge you $90 only for WordPress website malware removal.

What is the 90 Days Guarantee?

We guarantee you that if your website gets hacked within the 90 days of our service, we will look into it again and fix it for free. We won’t charge anything. (Usually, it happens when your hosting is weak enough and sharing server across a lot of other websites.)

What happens to security warnings?

We will get your website White Listed from all web monitoring services and it takes around 24 hours to 72 hours for the process to complete after we submit request to the whitelist.

What are the symptoms of website having malware?

Your website will load slowly, you will have drop in traffic, you may notice unwanted links opening from your website when you click somewhere. You may notice some odd advertisement appearing in your website or on Search Engines, your website may have some links which you never created in your website.

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