10 Ways to Fix the WordPress Upload HTTP Error

Jun 28, 2018 | Errors and Troubleshooting

WordPress upload HTTP error usually occurs when you try to upload the image to the media library in WordPress due to some reasons. WordPress display ‘HTTP error‘ because it cannot detect the cause of the error and this error message does not show any clue about where the actual problem is. This only means one thing that you have to try various solutions to find the problem and fix it.
WordPress media upload HTTP error could be caused due to many reasons. Every issue is fixable so, don’t get frustrated. Relax and try the methods I am going to discuss in the article to fix WordPress upload HTTP error.

Got an Error

We know how WordPress behaves sometimes with suddenly going down and showing you stupid Memory or Not Found errors!

How to Fix the WordPress Upload HTTP Error

Let’s discuss some ways to fix the HTTP image upload error in WordPress.

Optimize Images

Image size could be the cause of the WordPress upload HTTP error. If you try to upload an image which is larger in size, it is possible that you face the error. Optimize images by reducing their size and then try uploading. For example, don’t add images that are 3000 x 2000 pixels. If your posting area is 800px wide, don’t add images which are larger than that and larger images slow down the website.

Try Changing Image Format

The image format is also an issue. Some WordPress themes do not support JPG format try using PNG format and some themes don’t support PNG format change it with JPG and upload again. Changing image format may resolve the HTTP error.
Sometimes Image format matters a lot while uploading an image to the WordPress website.

Don’t Use Special Characters in Image Files Name

Special characters in image file name don’t seem an issue but this could be a potential issue which causes the WordPress upload HTTP error. Especially don’t use an apostrophe in the image name (e.g. mike’s party) because this will also cause the HTTP image error.

Increase PHP Memory

The common reason for the HTTP upload error is low memory assigned to WordPress. In order to fix this error, increase the space of memory that PHP can use on the server. You can increase the memory by adding this code to the WP-config.php file.

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512M’ );

This code will remove any memory issue by increasing the memory limit to 512M.

Disable Mod_Security

Sometimes mod_security in the server creates the problem. Disable it to check if that is the issue. It is very easy to fix. Simply, access the .htacess files using FTP in the wp-admin directory and add the following code in it.

<IfModule mod_security.c>

SecFilterEngine Off

SecFilterScanPOST Off


This code will disable the mod_security and the WordPress media upload HTTP error problem will be fixed but if the code creates other problem remove it.

Adding Simple Code in .htaccess files

WordPress uses two modules to process images. Many shared hosting services limit the module’s capacity to use multiple threads for fast processing. This could cause the HTTP image upload error while uploading images.
In order to fix the error add the following code in the .htacess files.


This code will fix the HTTP upload error.

Check File Path

Do check your image file path especially if you have migrated your website to another host. If the file path is not accurate then the WordPress upload HTTP error could occur. You can check the file path by opening your WordPress settings, then open the uploading files there you see the option of store uploads in this folder. Make sure that the path should be like /home/username/public_html/wp-content/uploads.

Disable Plugins

Sometimes plugins cause the trouble and conflict with other website operations. Try disabling plugins one by one to see which one is causing the problem. Due to the conflicting plugin, you may see the HTTP upload error. After disabling clear the cache of the browser so you can check if it works. Also remove unwanted plugins because it is just a load on your website.

Switch Theme

This could be the last resort for fixing the WordPress upload HTTP error as a migrating theme is not an easy job. First, backup your website and switch your theme to WordPress default theme. If changing your theme to default fixed the problem then the problem could be the theme. Contact the theme developers and ask them to see the problem and fix it.

Try Switching Browser

The HTTP upload error could be seen due to the browser. Especially when you are using Chrome, this browser sometimes triggers the HTTP error. Try switching the web browser, then you may be able to upload the image in your WordPress media library.


I hope this article will help you fix the HTTP upload error while uploading images in WordPress media. You can try the steps I have discussed in the article to fix the error. This is not a very big problem which you can’t fix but if you still face the problem feel free to contact the experts.

Got an Error

We know how WordPress behaves sometimes with suddenly going down and showing you stupid Memory or Not Found errors!