What is WordPress Caching and How it Benefits the website?

Aug 11, 2019 | WordPress, WordPress website

The role of WordPress caching can never be underestimated when it comes to optimizing the speed of your website. You will have to understand caching if you run a WordPress website. In this article, you will get to know what is WordPress caching and how WordPress caching benefits the website.

What is WordPress caching?

The process of storing the data in the cache is known as caching. The WordPress caching is the way of improving website performance. If the site is getting too many hits, you can enable caching by installing W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, and more WordPress plugins for the cache.

When a website is requested repeatedly from different clients, reusing the previously generated data to speed up new requests is called WordPress caching.

Purging the Cache

Purging cache means that re-cache all old cached data. This means previous is deleted and generates the new one. Some Purging cache is following:

  • When a comment is posted
  • When a new post is published
  • When an old post is updated

The Benefits of WordPress Caching

The benefits of the WordPress caching are as follow.

  • It speeds up the WordPress website and its’ performance. The static cached files load faster than the dynamic database files due to this the website load faster and give better performance.
  • It also improves the search engine rankings because search engines love a faster loading website that gives better user experience. SEO rankings are not just restricted to content and keywords, it also considers the website performance.
  • The cached website helps improve the user experience. A fast loading website helps visitors browse better. Caching also ease the bandwidth of the user by storing the files to load fast.
  • Caching can save some of the server’s resource consumption. Caching is becoming an essential feature for people who have limited hosting plans.

Types of WordPress Caching

There are two types of WordPress caching available based on the client-server model.

  • Client-side cache
  • Server-side cache

Client-Side caching

Client-side cache means that when a user browses the website for the first time, the browser downloads all text, images, CSS files JavaScript files. When the user opens the page again, then the browser first goes to the local cache and find the required page. That’s why cache store in the browser if you want to clear cache from the browser and see your front-end for more functionality that is changed by you then run command ctrl+F5 or browse your page on incognito.

Server-Side Caching

Server-side cache has various type of caching protocols that are the following:

  1. Page caching
  2. Database query caching
  3. Object-based caching
  4. Opcode caching

Page caching:

Page cache has simply generated the backup of HTML in the server’s hard disk or memory. When user pass request then it’s come from cache. This stores the after executing of PHP code and MySQL database queries

Database query caching:

The database is very important for every company or every project. The database is used to store, updates, deliver and retrieve data efficiently. When the database is updated it means that a post is updated, deleted, or published, it’s must require old database cache to remove and generate the cache against new results.

Object-based caching:

WordPress is the most powerful tool that store cache for running the website to load fast. WordPress allows us many plugins for improving the speed of our website and reduce the number of calls from the database.

Opcode caching:

The opcode is used to store the compiled PHP code in every request. When PHP code is executed, it must run the first code and then generate the running code for the webserver to execute.

Final Words

WordPress caching is just like every other optimization tweak you do for the better performance of your WordPress website. If the website fails to load fast, you will lose the visitors. Having a cache solution for your website helps a lot to make the website load faster.