How to Stop Spam Email Subscribers and Comments in WordPress

Sep 29, 2018 | Errors and Troubleshooting, Information, Wordpress Security

Spam email is also known as junk email. Spam can become a real problem if your site or blog uses WordPress. Even with an ordinary robot, and not a high number of friends, your site constantly receives traffic from bots. Every year the percentage of automated traffic only increases. The growth of bot traffic outstrips the growth of organic traffic. The work of the bot is now much easier than before, so the number of spam increases. Spam email also contains a virus or malware script which can harm your website or computer. So you need to protect your websites from hackers.

Few tricks to avoid spam email subscribers and comments

These are the following trick you can follow to avoid spam email subscribers and comments.
  • Do not forget to make regular software updates to your website. Considerable attention should be paid to updates that are directly related to the security aspects of the system and which affect them. This is all because spammers like to use vulnerabilities in outdated versions of CMS.
  • Be sure to add captcha in the comment section. This will help you with specialized resources, for example, reCAPTCHA, Jcaptcha, and Securimage.
  • Always block suspicious behavior on the site. For example, a lot of blogs make setting up a special restriction on the frequency of publication of posts. Content management systems phpBB, Simple Machines, and myBB allow you to monitor excessive traffic for specific IP addresses.
  • Do not forget to check the most active commentators on the post, visit the site as often as possible (for example, daily). It is worth checking for new users, who in a short period of time fill a large number of posts.
  • Maybe you should disable comments? This can be done for very old blog posts because they are visited by visitors of the site. It happens that there is simply no time to view all the blog comments left, in which case they can be completely disabled.
  • It is necessary to use moderation. It can be done so that only those users who have a positive and high reputation can place the links. Or, for comments with links to appear in public access only after verification by the moderator.
  • You do not need anonymous visitors on the site. Disable the ability to anonymously post in the CMS settings. Include moderation of posts from new visitors, so that you can always check for newcomers.
  • Develop a “blacklist”. You can block unacceptable comments by using the blacklist of spam words and phrases.
  • The nofollow attribute helps to close links from indexing. So you will become uninteresting for many spammers. Most large blogs, add this attribute to the comments automatically.
  • Automatic systems for website protection will also be useful in such cases. Many webmasters advise the Akismet system.
  • Or if the things get really worse you can contact malware removal services.

Avoid spam subscribers as an administrator

To avoid spam email, you can use several methods. The first and easiest way to avoid spam is – disabling the function of leaving comments on the site. This option is suitable for sites on-page and landings. You can disable comments in the following ways:
  • Log in to the WordPress website as an administrator.
  • In the control panel, click the Settings tab.
  • A new window will open, turn off the function to allow comments on articles
  • Scroll down the page and click the save changes button
If you do not want to completely close the comments, then there is an option to restrict access to them. To do this, you can enter mandatory authorization on the site or check comments by the moderator. Both options should be included if you want the site to be able to leave comments. Also, you can use the unique function. In the comments section of the moderator, there is a text input box that allows you to specify words, headers, links, mail or IP for putting in the blacklist of WordPress. Posts that contain information that is blacklisted will be marked as spam.

Avoid spam email and comment using plugins

The second way to protect against WordPress from the spam email and comment is the use of various plug-ins. We suggest you get acquainted with the most popular free Anti-spam Bee, Akismet, WP Spam-Shield Anti Spam, and CleanTalk (paid).

Anti-spam Bee

Anti-spam Bee is one of the best plugins to stop spam email subscribers and comments. This is a free plugin with many great features and doesn’t need any registration.
Following are key features of this plugin:
  • Distinguishes Spam IP addresses and requires authorization to leave comments.
  • The plugin does not require authorization to use and does not collect personal information.
  • Automatically clean spam database after the specified number of days.
  • The plug-in supports automatic spam removal and country selection for blocking.
  • Allows leaving comments in only one language.
  • Displays monthly statics.


Akismet is the number one anti-spam plugin in WordPress. This is the spam protector for all sites on WordPress by default. The free Akismet tariff includes 50,000 comment checks. The plugin presents an excellent solution for protecting the site.
Following are the key features of this plugin:
  • Automatically check all comments and use spam filters, and you will still have the option to moderate comments from time to time.
  • A comment history is maintained, which allows the user to check whether his comment was marked as an Akismet spam or moderator.
  • Supports the ability to completely get rid of spam, effective even for the worst types of spam.
  • Compatible with top WordPress plugins like Contact form 7 and Jetpack.
  • Supports work in 24 languages.

WP Spam-Shield Anti Spam

WP Spam-Shield Anti Spam plugin is one of the best anti-spam plugins. It handles comment, registration, trackback, and contact form spam. The plugin does not allow spam to enter the WordPress database using many methods, one of them is an advanced comment blacklisting and logging features which helps block nonstop spammers. And with this plugin, you can also block the comments from the visitors using a proxy server.
Following are the key features of this plugin:
  • Works with all popular plug-ins and WooCommerce plugins on the site.
  • Provides protection against spam bots and other types of spam.
  • Works with JavaScript / Cookies Anti-Spam Layer and Algorithmic Anti Spam Layer.
  • Partially protects the site from SQL implementations and XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Promises zero false positives.
  • Uses a spam queuing filter that analyzes the information before it enters the WordPress database.
  • Stops spam attempts to register.


CleanTalk is a cloud-based security system to limit spam in comments, when registration, mailing through contact forms and creating trackbacks. In addition, the plugin also filters orders, widgets, and emails. The plugin detects and stops spam using no captcha or other techniques. The CleanTalk plugin also provides analytics information on its website, from which you can read it. The developers also state that the probability of false triggering of this filter is 0.001%.
The procedure of the plugin works by detecting spam by the following features:
  • Compatible with many popular plugins.
  • Comments from that user were previously blacklisted.
  • Stops the comments containing a link that is on the blacklist.
  • Shows advanced statics for spam block and moderation.
  • The comment is placed too quickly, as for a person.


You can easily stop spam email from WordPress websites with the right tools. All of these methods ensure that spammers and malicious emails will not be able to infect your WordPress site. You can use these plugins to prevent spammers from accessing your website, through comments, emails, or registration.