How to Find Out You are Using Secure WordPress Theme

Jul 12, 2018 | Information, Wordpress Security

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your website is one of the most difficult and important decisions you need to make. Even if you find a theme that’s great and has all the features you want, you still need to make sure it’s safe for you. If you find a secure WordPress theme that meets all of your criteria, you’ve found a winner.
Two of the main reasons for the success of WordPress is the ease of customization and the many free options. The WordPress directory contains thousands of free themes and plugins and can change the features, functionality, and design of your website in seconds. In addition, we have a lot of paid plugins and other offers from high quality WordPress companies.
We do not talk about the list of the secure WordPress themes, no. In this article, you’ll learn how to check any security issues in the WordPress theme to make sure you’ve selected the right one or before you decide to buy the one you like so much to know whether or not it is safe enough.

Why it is important to use a secure WordPress theme

The popularity of WordPress makes it one of the best platforms on which you can build a website. It’s easy to use and offers many customization options thanks to plugins and themes. The problem is that this popularity is also the target of attackers who exploit vulnerabilities in both the platform and extensions. Themes can be vulnerable in several ways:
  • Pirated WordPress theme can be infected with a virus or malware.
  • Old themes can cause compatibility issue with WordPress or other plugins.
  • Outdated WordPress Themes often contain vulnerabilities which cause security issues.

How to find out you are using secure WordPress theme

WordPress theme security can be hard to measure if you don’t know what you are looking for. Let’s discuss how to find out that WordPress theme is secure.

Regular Updates

Regular updates are the number one factor of a secure WordPress theme. If the creative team is active in updating their theme, they are not only adding new features but also fixing errors and vulnerabilities. Many theme developers keep their users updated about when was the theme last updated and what features it has. If the theme does not provide regular updates then at some point it will get vulnerable and cause problems.

Direct Support From the Developers

It is important that the theme developers provide direct support. Theme documentation explains a lot about the theme and how to solve a problem if you get one. But documentation not always helps, it is necessary to have direct support from the developers. If the themes do not provide support, that means developers does not care about the user error reports which is a huge threat to WordPress theme security.

Information About Theme Developers

Successful WordPress themes provide information about the theme developers. When you know who is working on the theme development there is a big chance you can trust the developer. If you download your theme from WordPress official website you can see who developed the theme, developer’s name is visible right next to the theme name. That gives the guarantee of secure WordPress theme.

Theme Popularity with Users

Users always do a great job of making good and secure themes popular. Unsecured and average themes never get their way in the market. However, powerful and secure themes spread fast. If you like the theme, you should consider the user base of the theme. You can check the user base upon downloading from under the download button. You can see active installs this will tell you how many users have downloaded the theme. Premium repositories show the sale rate of the theme.


Reviews are the great way to get information about the product whether it is good or bad. Many theme repositories show detailed reviews from real users. For example, on WordPress official website you can check the reviews underrating section. It shows the rating from one to five stars. Four and five star rating is very good below that it is just average. You can even read user comments in the review of the theme. The user explains all about their experience with the theme.

How to choose a secure WordPress theme

In any case, you should not limit yourself to beautiful design when looking for the right theme. There are a few things to consider, and they will help you choose the secure WordPress Theme that suits you more quickly and in a more structured way, which will make you happy for a long time to come.


Determine what features your website should have in any case. For example: Do you need an online shop, should the website be multilingual, etc.?
When choosing your theme, make sure it’s compatible with your desired features. For example, if you want an online shop your theme must be compatible with Woo commerce.

Responsive Design

Choose only themes that are optimized for mobile devices. This is called “responsive”. This means that your theme must automatically adapt to the respective screen size and your website must look good on the go. This is not just important for a good Google placement. A high percentage (rising) will visit your website via mobile devices. Before buying a theme, check out the demo site and see if it looks mobile and user-friendly. Google consider responsive design as a ranking factor. User experience is very important for Google.

Free or Paid

There are many free themes that you can find at Under Popular section you will find the most used themes, these are usually also good, especially Twenty eleven, etc. For a private blog or the first meeting of WordPress that is enough. But as soon as you want to create a corporate website, take a paid theme. Payers can do more, have more design options and theme options, bring at least 6 months of support and are regularly updated. With a good, paid theme you will be happy in the long term.

Find Out About the Theme

Analyze all information about the theme before using it. Here are the key points to analyze WordPress themes.
  • When was the theme created and when was it last updated?
  • Does it have good reviews and what comments does it have?
  • Which functions does the theme bring and are they already available e.g. in the free version or only with a paid upgrade?
  • If you want to integrate a shop, make sure that your theme is compatible with Woo commerce.
  • If you want to design your page with a page builder, make sure that one is included in the theme.
  • Look at the demo pages.
  • Watch YouTube videos where the operation is explained. Do you find it easy and user-friendly to handle?

Get Themes Only from Well-Known Providers

Get themes from known theme providers. You can get free themes directly from and good sources for premium themes are Elegant Themes, Theme forest, Elma Studio. If you download the theme from a dubious provider, you can get many problems or even get malware. Prefer to rely on well-known, proven providers.

What is the most secure WordPress theme? (Personal Recommendation)

As a web designer, I have used so many themes. But since I’ve used the Divi Theme, I’m stuck with this and create websites only with Divi, unless the customer expressly wishes another.

Why Divi?

Because I know that I can rely on this theme well that it works well and I can use it for a long time. With many features that Divi brings, I can do almost anything that I or my clients imagine. The support is great and always helps immediately if questions or problems arise. But more importantly, my customers are getting along quickly and well in Divi. Customers who have worked with other themes are thrilled that Divi is so much easier. Here you can make changes to texts, pictures, etc. directly on your live page. That means you can see immediately what a change looks like. This saves a lot of time compared to jumping back and forth between frontend and backend.


Finding the theme that is good, safe, and receive regular updates is not easy but if you find one stick with it. WordPress provides many free themes but with these free themes comes some bad themes too. In this article, I have told you how to make sure you are using secure WordPress theme.