How to Remove WordPress Website from Google Blacklist

Jan 16, 2020 | website security, Wordpress Security, WordPress website

The presence of malicious code or malware redirect is a sign of a hacked site. To fix a hacked WordPress site, you must remove the malware from the website first and, then you can remove the WordPress website from Google blacklist. Thousands of WordPress websites are blacklisted on the internet every day. According to webmasters, blacklists can be harmful to a website. The decrease in traffic, ranking in search engines, browser warnings, and suspension of hosting are just some of the effects of being blacklisted.

It is very important that you keep a regular backup, update themes and plugins, and take precautionary measures for your WordPress website. Keep on reading, and you will get to know what is a Google Blacklist and how you can remove the WordPress website from Google blacklist.

What is Google Blacklist?

A blacklist from Google means that most of your site’s search results have been de-indexed or deleted.  A blacklist may appear due to things like malware, malicious links, or spam. When a site is blacklisted by Google, visitors usually get a red screen informing them that the site may contain malicious code or misleading content, instead of showing off their regular site.

What happens when your WordPress website got blacklisted by Google?

When your WordPress website got blacklisted from Google, your site gets de-indexed from the Google search results, which lead to the following things.

  • It damages the SEO of your website.
  • You start losing visitors and a noticeable decrease in traffic.
  • It affects your website’s reputation and trust.

Common Google Blacklist Warnings

Google wants its users to have a safe browsing experience. It prevents users from accessing the WordPress site when it sees malicious activities or feels like a WordPress website is hacked. Google shows a security warning that informs visitors that the site is unsafe and should go back to safety.

Here are some common Google Blacklist warnings.

  • The site ahead contains malware.
  • Deceptive site ahead.
  • The site ahead contains harmful programs.
  • The website has been reported as unsafe.
  • Reported attack page.

How to Remove the WordPress website from Google Blacklist

Now that you know what Google blacklist is, and why your website got blacklisted by Google, let’s show you how you can remove the WordPress website from Google blacklist. Follow through the instructions, and you will get to know the process.

Understand the Google Blacklist warning message

Before proceeding any further, the first thing you need to understand is the warning message you see when you try to open your website.

  1. The site ahead contains malware: This message appears when Google sees your website triggering malware installation or downloads which leads to infecting your computer.
  2. Deceptive site ahead: This warning appears when the site seems to be phishing. The websites that have this warning tricks the user to submit their personal information for the wrong use.
  3. The site ahead contains harmful program: This warning message is different from the first one. This warning appears when the website tries to make the changes in the web browser like changing the homepage of the browser or encouraging the add-on’s installation which triggers the malware redirect.
  4. The website has been reported as unsafe: The warning message appears when Google’s security team identifies your website unsafe for browsing.
  5. Reported attack page: This Google warning message when your website is infected with malicious script.

Check Google Safe Browsing Site Status

Google’s security team has created a site testing tools for the webmasters to check the website status and identify the potential threat. This tool examines billions of websites daily and when Google detects the unsafe website, it shows the warning message in your webmaster tool, Google search, and web browsers. You can check the site status on the transparency report for safe browsing by Google. After analyzing the URL of your website the tools tell you whether your site is safe or unsafe. If the website is marked unsafe, it also shows the issues and errors your website suffers from.

Identify the Malware in your Website

In this step, you need to identify the malware on your website. Identify the infected files it can be anywhere in your WordPress core files, theme, or plugins. You can scan your website using well-known tools or plugins like Sucuri, Wordfence, even Google transparency tool will help you identify the malicious files. If you find it difficult to do, you can always take an expert’s help.

Malware Removal

Before removing malware from your website you need to make sure you have a backup of the website which is not infected. If you are a tech expert or have knowledge in the field, then your chances of removing the malware from the website are good. Here are the useful links that will help you understand the different WordPress vulnerabilities, how you can remove malware from the website, and how you can make your website security stronger to prevent hackers from attacks.

  • How to Detect and Clean WordPress Malware Redirect
  • Top 10 Common WordPress Security Vulnerabilities
  • How to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers

Take Security Measures

After removing malware from your website you need to take some security measures to harden the security of the website. I have shared a link above in which you will find different security measures to protect the website from hackers for further attacks. One thing you also need to do remove all the unwanted or outdated themes and plugins from your website, they not only slow down your website but also cause vulnerabilities.

Submit Website for Review

Open Google search console in which you already submitted your website. Go to the “security issues” and then select “Request a review”. When you select the review option, a popup window will open, in that popup, explain how you have removed the malware from your website and what security measures you take to harden the security of the website. In short, you need to convince Google that your website is secured now and mark it safe again. After writing satisfactory requests submit it and wait for Google to remove your WordPress website from Google Blacklist.

Normally, Google takes 72 hours to remove the WordPress website from the Google Blacklist.

Final words

It is very important to remove any vulnerabilities or malware from the WordPress website before submitting a review. And after malware removal, take all the precautionary measures to prevent it from happening again in the future because it is hard to remove the website from the Google Blacklist second time. We hope this article will help you secure and remove your WordPress website from the Google Blacklist.