Why do you want to update to new Gutenberg WordPress editor

May 30, 2018 | Customisation, Updates

Why do you want to update to new Gutenberg WordPress editor

WordPress is changing day by day for the better user experience. It is planning to introduce new Gutenberg WordPress editor in 2018. Gutenberg editor will be merged with WordPress core in the new WordPress 5.0 update. This editor will help in writing content, designing blog, and building a website in a better and advanced way. The Gutenberg editor will totally replace the default editor in WordPress. The goal of this editor is to make editing rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. Right now Gutenberg is available in plugin mode.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a new and improved editor for WordPress. This editor is named after Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press and introduced it in Europe around 500 years ago. He revolutionized the way of mass printing.
The Gutenberg editor introduces the concept of blocks. It will help to make the complex layouts using dynamic blocks. These blocks make it very easy for the user to create and design good quality content. To design quality content in this editor you don’t need to know HTML or CSS. The block system lets you create and customize your content as you desire.

Key Features of Gutenberg WordPress editor

These are the main key features of Gutenberg editor.
  • New and improved builder you can use to design pages, content, and post.
  • Allowing advanced layout options and formatting without any coding.
  • Gives block feature to customize and build your page or content visually.

Instant Customization

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What does Gutenberg mean for the future of the WordPress?

No doubt Gutenberg editor is a big change but this editor will modernize the default editor. Many developers have to adopt it because it modernizes theme development process and provides better maintenance and editing.
The editor was created to design good content, custom fields, without any plugins, or HTML. It let you create content using blocks and if you change any block it won’t affect the other one. Any content (text, images, video, audio, embedded media, call to action button, etc) you like to enter on the page will have its own block.

How Gutenberg editor benefits developers, designers, and user

Gutenberg editor is a big change and many of the developers are welcoming it and many are worried how it is going to change all the current websites and plugins. Let’s discuss some benefits of Gutenberg editor for developer and user.
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Agencies and developers

The Gutenberg will help the agencies and developers to create interactive designs that user or client can easily change without destroying things or dealing with the custom post types. For an instant, if they have to add a custom employee block to an about page which includes name, picture, and bio, this editor will allow them to do it without any coding.

Core developers

This editor will modernize the working environment for the core developers. Allowing them to create common concepts and codes to simplify how the editor, menus, and widgets work. It also helps in creating the instant responsive interface without any hassle and there are lots of benefits of responsive website.

Theme developers

The Gutenberg editor provides the standard way to create quality layouts for the posts and it also let the developers guide the user through setup right in the interface. This will eliminate the need for long videos and many step tutorials. The developers won’t need to create their own page builders or install many plugins. It also provides the multi functional premium theme experience in every theme without compromising the user experience.

Plugin developers

Plugin developers will benefit from this editor as this will help the developers to integrate completely into any part of the WordPress, including pages, posts, sidebars, and custom post types without hacking the HTML editor. Nowadays every plugin modifies WordPress in its own way but Gutenberg’s block feature will provide an incredible variety of extensions. Many of the developers have started using this editor to build their plugins in an easier way.

Web host

This will also benefit the web hosts to have better signup rate, as Gutenberg makes it easy for the people who think it is hard and complex to set up. This will help the hosts to stop the subscription rate from going down and let them have the quality website for the better user experience.

Web Designers

Gutenberg specifically impacts the web designers who are agar to create the best layout for the clients. It helps the designers to create rich content without any coding or plugins. Its block feature let them design the layout with consistency, you don’t need to learn new themes and plugins every time to design the new layout. Its new alignment feature makes it easier to optimize the content for the modern devices and makes the site responsive instantly.


This will change the blogging experience for the bloggers as they will be able to move from blogging and start using the WordPress without any knowledge of coding. It will improve their writing style and let them make their content as beautiful as they can. They will write more and edit easily because they don’t have to deal with complex codes.

Pros and Cons


Gutenberg editor is an interesting thing to add to WordPress. It allows the user to work in blocks and create the content as they like. It also lets you duplicate, merge, split, or even move the block within the document. I hope when it is added to the WordPress core all the problems will be fixed. I have used the block feature in Divi builder and I have little knowledge in coding and I like the block feature, let see what the future holds for the Gutenberg WordPress editor.

Instant Customization

Get your WordPress website customized within hours and have a great user experience.