How to Fix the Destination Folder Already Exist Error in WordPress

Jan 29, 2020 | Errors and Troubleshooting, WordPress, WordPress website

You may encounter the destination folder already exist error in WordPress while installing a plugin or theme. This error in WordPress is easy to fix because it is kind of a self-explanatory error, which means to don’t have to worry to find the culprit behind the error.

Many of the WordPress users face this common error in WordPress, especially bloggers who work with many themes and plugins. The destination folder already exists error can be an annoying error because it will not allow you to install the plugin you want, which can affect the development of the site.

Keep on reading the article and you will get to know all about the installation failed folder error in WordPress and how you can fix it.

What causes the Folder error in WordPress?

When you delete a theme or plugin, there might be a chance that some of the files or destination folder might not be deleted. Or, when a theme or plugin installation fails due to any other reason it might leave the destination folder behind.

Trying to reinstall the same plugin or theme is confusing for WordPress because there is already a folder with this name. This is why you see the destination folder already exists error in WordPress. The error can also occur when you try to recover the backup of the WordPress website.

How to Fix the Destination Folder Already Exist Error in WordPress

Simply find the folder with the name of the theme or plugin you are trying to install and delete that folder. You can do this by logging in to your server where the core files of the WordPress site is located. You can either use FTP client or cPanel to connect to your server.

Let’s take a look at how you can do that.

Fix the Error in WordPress Using cPanel

You need to login to your hosting cPanel to fix the error. If you are wondering about the login details, then you need to check the details provided to you by your hosting provider. Well after you login to your cPanel locate the file manager folder.

When you see the folder with the name file manager open it. It will help you access all the files and folders on your server. After you open the file manage and find public_html folder and click on it, you will see the list of folders and files in it. Now locate the wp-content folder and open it.

Now as you have opened the wp-content folder you will find the themes and plugins folder. If you are trying to install a theme, open the theme folder and if you are trying to install a plugin, then open the plugin folder.

Just locate the folder with the name of the theme or plugin you are trying to install and delete it. Right-click on the folder and click on the delete option to remove the folder that is causing the error.

Fixing the Error with FTP client

The most common and convenient app to use the FTP client is FileZilla. If you like to use FTP client, then login to your FTP client and follow the same steps mentioned above to fix the common error. Simply locate public_html and click on it to go to the wp-content folder where you will see plugins and theme folders. Now delete the folder causing the error to fix the issue.

After deleting the folder go to your WordPress admin dashboard and try to install the theme or plugin you want. You will be able you do that without any error.


I hope this article helps you fix the destination folder already exists error in WordPress. You can easily install the desired plugin or theme after fixing the error. If you continue to encounter the same problem, you may need to contact your web hosting provider, as this may interfere with the installation process.


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