10 Key Elements of a Successful WordPress Website Design

Jul 24, 2019 | Customisation, Web Design, WordPress, WordPress website

Every business wants a website that makes a strong impression on visitors and potential clients. In this digital age, an online presence is important and what’s good than a WordPress website that tells all about your business and helps you deal with the customers. To make your business prosper, you need to make an efficient and user friendly website. Keep on reading, and you will get to know some elements of a successful WordPress website design.

The success of the WordPress site depends on the web design. The web design should be well structured, user friendly, and good enough to catch the visitors attention. If the visitor has to struggle on the website to get the information or place an order, then it means your web design is not good enough.

After all, WordPress website design is essential to a site’s success, and this means including all of the key elements from the website.

So, what makes the WordPress Website Design Successful?

A good WordPress website design requires a wide range of expertise in various areas. In this article, I will discuss 10 key elements of a successful WordPress website design, which will make your WordPress website user-friendly, effective, and engaging.

  1. Website Logo
  2. Hero Section
  3. Easy Navigations
  4. Attractive Color Combination
  5. Readability and Engaging Typography
  6. Loading Speed
  7. Mobile Friendly
  8. Clickable CTA
  9. Elements of Social Proof
  10. Contact Form

Website Logo

The logo is very important for a website. It creates the identity of the website. The logo should be tempting and easy to remember. Almost every site you visit has a logo. You can certainly recognize many of them from their logos alone that show the power of branding.

Logos are usually displayed on the top left side of the website because when the user opens the website, the logo is the first place they are drawn to. However, you can also place the logo in the center of the navigation bar or the starting section of the page.

Hero Section

The hero section of the website should be strong, unique, and tempting. It is usually made up of the large image, video, or a slider, and it is the first section after the navigation bar. The hero section gives the idea about the website to the visitors. The design of the hero banner tells the visitors about two things that who you are and what they will get from the website.

Easy Navigation

A menu is the first thing the user sees on the homepage, and it should be easy to read, use, and navigate. The menu consists of the company logo and the link to the other pages of the website, that’s why it is the most important section of the website. A study shows that visitors spend more time on the website that is easy to navigate. That means you have more visitors on the website with easy navigation.

Attractive Color Combination

A good color combination attracts the user to spend more time on the website. The colors you choose should be used in the logo and the whole layout of the website. The attractive and appealing color combination also acts as a call to action because it improves the layout of the website and makes it tempting.  Colors are not just for styling the website they guide the visitors’ eye to navigate throughout the website.

Readability and Engaging Typography

Choose your fonts for the website wisely as typography plays a big role in the readability and accessibility of the WordPress website. You need to keep the typography of the website visually engaging and readable to the users. Because the text is always the key to engage the users on the website no matter how good is your website.

Loading Speed

No one likes a site that takes too long to load. So you need to optimize the size of the images, merging the code into a central CSS or JavaScript file as this reduces HTTP requests. Also compress HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to increase loading speed. Speed of the WordPress website is very important, because if your website loads slowly then you may lose sales or visitors. You need to speed up a WordPress site to have better user experience and make your WordPress website design successful.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, many users access websites using mobile phones. The user experience for mobile is really important. So you need to make a mobile friendly and responsive web design. Google has changed its index policy to mobile-first index due to the increase in mobile traffic. A mobile-friendly website improves SEO and enhances user experience.

Clickable CTA 

Call to action is the easiest way to get the users to do something on the website. It can be anything, a button or just a simple text, but whatever approach you use makes it more prominent than other elements of the homepage. A good call to action increases conversions and sales. Call to action is best for the WordPress website design and moving the visitors to conversion.

Elements of Social Proof

The main goal of a good WordPress website design is to keep the visitors on the site until they convert and elements of social proof also help them to convert. These elements show the visitors that the website is legit and takes customer satisfaction very seriously. Elements of social proof could be the recommendation from others, reviews, testimonials, or even social media links because people love the site which has higher reviews and got a recommendation from a recognized person or website.

Contact Form

For every successful WordPress website design, a contact form is a must thing. It allows visitors to connect with you. If you are running a business website, don’t forget to add contact information along with the contact form. But if you are not running a business website, then you can only add a contact form to get in touch with your visitors. The contact form also helps the visitors to convert into a potential client. Mostly contact form can be added at the end of the homepage and on the contact page of the website.