What is Cyber Insurance and Why it is Important for Websites

Oct 23, 2019 | Errors and Troubleshooting, website security

Cyber insurance is becoming popular in this emerging world of technology. The internet world known as cyberspace, helped many people and businesses to communicate, link, and grow their businesses. With this emerging world, cybersecurity is at risk because technology doesn’t come without risk. But you can take the risk out by having cyber insurance.

When you work at home on the Internet, you work all by yourself to get on the top. Just because you work from home does not mean that you are not exposed to business risks every day. Starting a company and working as a small company in information technology opens up the possibility of legal action in the event of liability if something goes wrong. This is where cyber insurance comes to the rescue.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance comes to rescue if your business faces a data breach, malware attack, and other related threats on the internet. This insurance covers the client notification expenses, legal costs imposed by the client’s lawsuit, and fraud inspection services for affected customers.


Types of Insurance for Websites and IT Company

Starting a business and acting as a small business owner in information technology opens up the possibility of legal action in a liability case if something goes wrong. There are three types of insurance for websites and IT companies.

  1. General liability insurance
  2. Professional liability insurance
  3. Cyber liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is for every business type. It is the basic type of insurance that covers all the general aspects of the business. General insurance can protect the business owners from the property damage claims, third party personal injury, advertising injuries, and any general harm done to the business.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance covers the mistakes you make while providing your professional services. This insurance can also be called technology error and omission insurance. As a website owner or IT company, you must know all the risks involved in this business, that way you can get your insurance policy right. If the company makes an error, the policy should cover any legal expenses it faces.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Violations of data and cybercrime are becoming an increasingly potent threat to all small IT companies. If the project you are working on for a client leads to the theft of customer data, you can face a potential lawsuit. The Internet has made communication faster and easier, but the fast-paced technology is not without risks. The number of data breaches is growing rapidly. Therefore, both companies and their customers must be protected from cyber liability by the cyber liability insurance to which they are exposed.

There are two types of cyber insurance. One is first-party cyber insurance, and the other is third party cyber insurance. Let’s take a look at what first party and third party insurance covers.

First Party Cyber Liability Insurance

First-party cyber liability insurance covers data breaches in your business. For example, a hacker can steal customer credit card numbers from an IT consultant company’s database. The first-party liability for cyber crime can cover the cost of notifying clients about the breaches, credit monitoring services for affected customers, retrieval of data cost, IT forensic cost, and cyber blackmail expenses.

Third Party Cyber Liability Insurance

If the client is suffering from a data leak or a cyber-attack, you can face a lawsuit if the client believes that you neglected to prevent it. For example, your network security company might impose cybersecurity on a customer who has been suffering from data breach and sues your business. Third-party cyber insurance protects your business from expenses related to customer lawsuit, for example, settlement fee, lawyer’s fee, and the court fee.

Final Words

Cyber liability insurance reduces so mnay risk for you in the IT business and for your websites. As you can see, even the most common activities of a web development company can lead to an insurance claim. Cyber ​​Liability Packages take into account the risks associated with using the Internet to maximize protection for your business.

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