10 Most Common WordPress Theme Issues and How to Fix them

Dec 1, 2019 | Errors and Troubleshooting, WordPress, WordPress website

WordPress is the best publishing platform with millions of users that help them create websites and blogs. With so many users and a vastly different number of applications, something will inevitably go wrong. WordPress offer paid and free themes and plugins to build a site or a blog. WordPress is popular for so many reasons, one of the reasons is the vast range of themes that you can use. If you are thinking to build a WordPress website, you need to know the most common WordPress theme issues and how to fix them.

Most Common WordPress Theme Error and their Solutions

Sometimes WordPress themes and plugins don’t work right, or it needs a little bit adjustment to work properly. Always use secure WordPress theme for the blog or website. Here are some most common WordPress theme error and their solutions.

  1. Homepage doesn’t seem like the demo
  2. Ugly URL’s
  3. Blank Menu
  4. Error Importing Sample Data
  5. Missing Stylesheet
  6. Style Edits Missing
  7. Posts are Returning 404 Error
  8. changes are gone After Theme Update
  9. Broken accordion, slides, toggles, tabs

Homepage doesn’t seem like demo

Everyone selects a WordPress theme by looking at its demo, and they expect to make the blog or website like that. But sometimes you don’t get what you saw due to some reason. Many users get upset when their homepage doesn’t seem like a demo of the theme they have selected for their blog or website. Homepage is the key element of a good WordPress web design. There are a few common reasons why your homepage is different.

Error Solution 1

Many developers create a custom homepage for the website but if you use home page or front page template then you need to go to the editor under Page Attributes look into template and select home page or front page from it. After that go to the settings and click on reading setting this is described in the solution 2.

Error Solution 2

This error could occur due to the wrong settings of the front page display. All you got to do is go to Settings, and click on reading there you will see Front Page Display section. Now if your website or blog does not have a homepage template, then select the option of “Your latest posts” otherwise select the option of “A static page” and set front page to home.

Ugly URL’s

When you create a website, you will see the default URL structure is neither cool nor SEO friendly. You might see a mix of post id, publishing date, post title, or even the category. It is not a big deal it can be fixed easily.

Error Solution

The solution is very simple head towards the setting in the dashboard, then click on the permalink, and in that section choose the “Post name” option. And if you want to add the custom URL, you can select the “Custom Structure” option and set it yourself.

Blank Menu

If you are a regular WordPress user, then you would know how to set it up, but if you are a very new user, then you might get confused when you don’t see a menu after setting a WordPress theme for the website.

Error Solution

To know that your menu is working go to “Appearance” then select “Menu” if you see a menu that is good if you don’t then you need to create one. One thing more make sure your menu is assigned to a location. Under the menu you see “Display Locations” there select the menu location, most of the WordPress themes have only one location but some have more than one location to display the menu.

Error Importing Sample Data

After installing your WordPress theme you might run into the error while importing sample data. There are few reasons due to which this error occur let’s have a look.

Error Solution 1

The error might occur due to an inactive theme. Go and make sure that the WordPress theme is active. Also, make sure that the theme includes these types of custom posts. If you don’t know how to do may ask the developer to help you out.

Error Solution 2

You may also see this error while importing media files. All you have to do is check the box “Download and import file attachments” before importing media files.

Missing Stylesheet

After looking for hours you found a perfect WordPress theme for the website or blog. But when you install the theme, you see a message Stylesheet is Missing. It could be possible that the theme file you got didn’t have a style.css file, but it is also possible that you forgot to upload the root theme folder.

Error Solution

You need to locate the theme file unzip it and open it to see theme files, but if you don’t see the style.css file, then look into the subdirectory. When you find the root theme folder, you can upload the zip folder to the WordPress, or you can unzip it and upload it via FTP.

Style Edits Missing

If you made some style changes in the external CSS section but it does not show anything on the frontend of the website, then you might have caching issue. The problem could be with the browser cache or plugin cache.

Error Solution

First, you can check to clear the browser cache by pressing CTRL + R. If the issue is fixed great, you can see your changes. But if the error is still there, then go to the cache plugin like WP Rocket, W3 Total cache, or whichever you are using and clear the cache. After that refresh, the website and you will see it working fine.

Posts are Returning 404 Error

If the post returns 404 error when you switch a theme, then don’t freak out. This occurs due to themes that use custom post type, and when you change the theme, you get a 404 error. This can be fixed by changing the permalinks.

Error Solution

Simply go to the settings, and click on permalinks, then just click the save button. This will do the trick, and you will not see a 404 error again. But if this solution doesn’t work, you need to update the .htaccess file manually. If you know WordPress, it would be easy for you to do that, but if you don’t, then get the help of the professional developers.

Changes are gone after Theme Update

This error occurs due to the changes made in the original theme files, and when you update the theme, all the files are replaced by the default theme code. This is why making a change in the theme core files is not recommended.

Error Solution

If you had a backup of the website, then it will be easy for you to fix the issue. But if you forgot to take the backup and you don’t subscribe for the backup with your hosting service, then the changes are gone. You can prevent this issue from happening again by using the custom CSS plugin if you need small changes. The best approach is to create a child theme; it gives the full flexibility to customize the theme without changing the core files.

Final Words

Don’t panic you face these type of WordPress theme errors because there is always a solution for every problem. I hope this article help you understanding and fixing the above mention WordPress theme issues. Do let me know if you face any other errors.