Top 12 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers for Successful blogging(2020)

Jan 13, 2020 | Tips, WordPress, WordPress website

Nowadays Blogging has become a very effective and growing industry. 409 million users view more than 20 billion blog posts every month. This stat shows that people are more interested in getting information from the blog posts. People use WordPress to create there blogs and WordPress is the most popular platform to create websites and blogs. Many WordPress plugins make blogging more successful for bloggers. So, you should know the best WordPress plugins for bloggers for successful blogging.

We have shared some of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers. They help you accomplish many important tasks, including managing social media platforms, optimizing the blog for a better experience, and delivering content. But before getting started, you should know why you need WordPress plugins.

Why you need WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are used to enhance the user experience and increase the productivity of the blog or website. There are a thousand plugins created to ease the usage of blogs or websites ranging from image optimization to WordPress security. WordPress plugins help add features to your blog. This can help site owners and readers to properly navigate the blog or site. Most plugins are created for multiple purposes, but some are for specific purposes only. You should add the necessary plugins to your blog and if you add too many unnecessary plugins, your WordPress blog or website might slow down.

Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

We have put together some of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers to make sure the quality of your blogs is an advantage. These plugins have been tested using the latest features and have proven themselves good enough to improve blogging experience. The below-mentioned plugins are quite useful for bloggers and website owners on the WordPress platform. Let’s take a look at the list!

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Akismet
  3. Google Analytics Dashboard
  4. Broken Link Checker
  5. Shield Security
  6. WP Rocket
  7. WP Smush
  8. Social Snap
  9. UpdratPlus
  10. Easy Affiliate Links
  11. Contact Form 7
  12. Hello Bar

Yoast SEO

An SEO plugin is important to rank higher for a WordPress blog in search engines. Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers and website owners. This plugin guides you about the best on-page SEO practice to increase the traffic on your blog. The best feature of this plugin is the freedom to optimize the search snippet. Yoast SEO is a free plugin, but some of the advanced features only available in the premium version.

Main features:

  • Shows the preview of your post in search results
  • Prevent duplicate content to avoid URL’s repetition
  • Keyword and synonyms optimization
  • Provide ON-page SEO guidelines
  • Readability check
  • Control over breadcrumbs


You might get lots of spam comments on your blog website. These spam comments might contain malware redirects, hidden malicious code, or spam. These spam comment can divert your readers as it can slow down your WordPress blog and affects your Google rankings. With Akismet, you can remove spam from your entire blog site. It automatically analyzes the blog and removes any content that may appear as spam.

The removal of these annoying and sometimes malicious things in your posts increases the reading and user experience for your visitors and the security of your blog.

Main Features:

  • Remove and block the spam comments
  • Displays the URL’s of any link included in the comment
  • Status history of each comment
  • Fast performance
  • Shows number of spam comments to the moderators

Google Analytics Dashboard

The most important part of success as a blogger is tracking user behavior. Google analytics dashboard is one of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers to track user behavior. With the help of this analytic data, you can enhance the user experience and see which content gets you more traffic.

Main Features:

  • Shows real time stats
  • Track user behavior
  • Shows bounce rate
  • Mentions traffic source
  • Conversion tracking

Broken Link Checker

Broken links can damage your SEO score. Broken links are not very dangerous, but it is not wise to have them on your blog. The broken link checker is also the best WordPress plugin for bloggers. You can get rid of broken links from your WordPress blog or website with the help of this plugin. The plugin can email you when it finds any broken link in your blog.

Main Features:

  • Highly configurable
  • Find links that don’t work and contain redirects
  • Notifies via dashboard or by email
  • Allows to edit the links from the plugin’s dashboard
  • Block search engines from following broken links

Shield Security

The security of any WordPress blog or website is very important. There are many WordPress security plugins you can choose from for your WordPress blog, but Shield Security is one of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers to increase security. This plugin silently detects and cleans any security vulnerability from your website. The shield is easy to set up and powerful enough to protect your blog or site from any malware attacks or suspicious activities.

Main Features:

  • Limit login attempts
  • Block brute force attack
  • Manage IP black list automatically
  • Scan core files for any malicious file changes and hacks
  • HTTP headers
  • Provide firewall
  • Block rest API/ XML-RPC

WP Rocket

Caching is one of the primary ways to speed up the slow WordPress site or blog. There are many WordPress caching plugins, but WP-Rocket is top-notch in terms of simplicity and efficiency. It also works great in shared hosting. Using a cache plugin for your blog reduces the server load time and allows your webpages to load faster. A fast website or blog increases the user experience, which can be achieved with the help of WP Rocket.

Main Features:

  • Easy to use
  • CDN compatibility
  • Optimize media
  • Database optimization
  • JavaScript, CSS, and HTML minification
  • Compatible with web hosting
  • Enable caching for mobile devices

WP Smush

The speed of the website or blog is very important for better experience and images play a very big role in it. Un-optimized images can slow down your WordPress blog, which affects the Google rankings and user experience. WP Smush is the best WordPress plugin for bloggers to optimize images turn on lazy loading, compress, and resize them without reducing the quality.

Main Features:

  • Lazy load images
  • Resize images
  • Lossless compression
  • Bulk optimize images
  • Directory optimize images even if they are not in media library
  • Optimize all type of images

Social Snap

Social bookmarking has become a major ranking factor for SEO of any blog or website. Placing the social sharing buttons in the visible place increases the chance of your post to be shared on social media by visitors. Social Snap is the top WordPress social media sharing plugin for bloggers to increase engagement. It allows you to place social buttons on both desktop and mobile websites.

Main Features:

  • Support all modern social media platforms
  • Have multiple button styles
  • Automatic social sharing to your social media accounts
  • Social logins
  • Share count tracking
  • Click to tweet box
  • Provide share statistics


You can back up your blogs for future use or if you run into any technical problems. You may have taken many security measures for your WordPress blog or site, but all of them may be vulnerable. Your site may be hacked or there may be problems with updates at any time. Therefore, backing up your data can be very useful in these conditions. For this reason, UpdraftPlus is one of the best WordPress plugins that simplify the process of backing up and restoring your website, which has over 1+ million, downloads.

Main Features:

  • Let’s you back up your blog or website on multiple cloud servers
  • Easy to duplicate or migrate the websites or blog
  • Free dedicated support
  • Schedule back up automatically
  • Use fewer resources

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy affiliate links is a free and best WordPress plugin to manage all your affiliate links in one place. It provides a generic solution for marketers to manage affiliate links. It can convert your ugly affiliate links into good links and also provides the basic stats report about monthly clicks. With the help of this plugin, you can add your affiliate links directly from the post editor.

Main Features:

  • Assign categories to the links
  • Generate shortlinks to optionally cloak affiliate links
  • Leave specific links uncloaked for amazon compatibility
  • Access links in visual and HTML editor
  • Ability to import and export links to XML

Contact Form 7

When publishing blogs, readers are welcome to contact you and ask some questions. Therefore, you may need to create contact forms for such conditions. Contact Form 7 is one of the best WordPress plugins for a blogger when it comes to adding a form because it is very easy to use. It has a great user-friendly interface, and you can add many forms with multiple column support.

Main Features:

  • Easy to manage and create multiple forms
  • Customizable form fields
  • Easy to insert forms into any post or page using short code
  • Support third party plugins to add additional functionality

Hello Bar

You may have noticed a welcoming bar on most of the websites or blogs. That is known as Hello Bar, it is a great plugin for A/B testing different call to actions and powerful words and it is also used for collecting email addresses. You can collect many email addresses with the help of this WordPress plugin every week. It is a free WordPress plugin and very easy to use.

Main Features:

  • Can convert visitors into paying customers
  • Grow email list and generate new leads
  • Decrease blog or websites bounce rate
  • Show right message at the right time to the visitors
  • Good for A/B testing

Final Words

These are the best WordPress plugins for bloggers for successful blogging. You can enhance the quality of your blog with the help of the above mentioned plugins. These plugins will help you manage you blog more effectively and lets you focus on other main aspects of your blog. I hope this article will help you manage your WordPress blog or website.