Best Icons for Coronavirus Awareness for Websites

Mar 30, 2020 | Web Design

Coronavirus known as COVID-19 is creating fear, among people and it is spreading like crazy. COVID-19 spreads from human to human upon touch or through droplets of a sneeze. The WHO (World Health Organization) has stated it a pandemic. The virus has affected the lives of all human beings because due to it most of the countries are under lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone is playing there part to spread coronavirus awareness. So, do some designers have created the icons for coronavirus awareness for web developers and designers.

Spreading coronavirus awareness through websites and the online source is the best thing we can do right now since everyone is staying at home and surfing the internet. Design elements make the website beautiful and more presentable, and it catches the attention of the readers. That’s why designers have created free icons for coronavirus awareness to play their part. You can use these icons and animations in your WordPress website design for coronavirus awareness.

Best Icons for Coronavirus Awareness for Websites

Graphics are the essential elements to catch the human eye. Not everyone just likes to read the text, the majority of the users like the graphical elements in the content, such as icons and animations. And in this pandemic doctors, hospitals, and authorities don’t have the graphic designers to create such elements. So, the graphic designers have to create the best icons for coronavirus awareness for WordPress websites.

Here we have listed a few sources where you can get the best free icons for coronavirus awareness based on the recommendations of WHO and others to add them to your websites.

Font Awesome

The 5.13 version of Font Awesome has been released that focuses to help spread the coronavirus awareness on how to fight and prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. In this version, you will find icons to promote social distancing, good hygiene, self protection, and many more. You can use these icons in your reports, websites, projects, applications, and anywhere possible. All the COVI-19 icons are available in solid form in Font Awesome for free.


Iconfinder works with different designers and contributors to create vector icons for free to spread COVID-19 awareness. Iconfinder is not free, they charge a subscription fee from users to download vector icons, but they are offering coronavirus awareness icons for free. These COVID-19 icons are designed to spread hygiene and coronavirus awareness. All icons are available in color, black, white, and with stronger contours, which can be downloaded in PNG, SVG, and IconJar formats.


LottieFiles are providing free COVID-19 animations for coronavirus awareness. You can use these coronavirus awareness animations in your videos, applications, social media posts, and websites to promote awareness to stop the virus from spreading. All these animations are available in beautiful colors and amazing motions.

Final Words

Everyone should play their part to spread the awareness of coronavirus and help the people to better understand it, just like our designers who are creating amazing icons and animations for free for public use. Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy, also spread awareness among your community and help each other in this crucial time.